Commercial Auto Insurance

A Biz Action Insurance Agency can handle your commercial auto insurance requests properly, in a timely fashion, while we attend to your interim vehicle needs.

If you’re a contractor with two trucks (you may be driving one home) you might believe you can carry both trucks on your regular auto insurance policy. The fact is your trucks are “asset” vehicles and the insurance laws/companies require that they be carried on a commercial auto insurance policy.

The object is to shelter your business financials and your business assets in the event of an accident.

Moreover business auto insurance has the advantage of offering many more coverage options that work to your advantage as a business owner and the premium does fall under a tax deduction category.

ABA gives you all the information you need to select the right commercial auto insurance. We will talk with you about the procedures assigned to various coverage circumstances and talk about options for general settlement strategies.

When you present a claim, we organize to work with the way you can best work with us. Our agents are especially concerned that you can continue to run your business, in the usual way, without sacrificing in-service capabilities that require the use of commercial or business vehicles.

It’s important for you to know that for Commercial Auto Insurance in NJ, “the rate and rule review process ensures that companies charge rates which are adequate to pay claims while not being excessive.” (NJ. Rule 1.21) ABA is well attuned to insurance costs and business practices in this state. Moreover, you can be assured that your cost for our services is neither excessive nor are they inadequate to pay claims. For all of our business auto insurance coverage, we combine a perfect balance of value, service and cost for our clients.

A Biz Action Insurance Agency can handle your commercial auto insurance requests properly, whilst also attending to your interim vehicle needs.

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