Commercial Umbrella

Everyone knows how vital commercial business insurance is in conducting daily activities. However, business owners need to know that most policies have limits and the maximum benefits may fall short of defending a lawsuit or a major loss. Commercial Umbrella Insurance is the solution against such losses.

With the primary Commercial Business Policy in place, which must assume the first response to contingencies, your business deserves the added coverage of umbrella insurance with the possibility of your risk exceeding the limits of standard declarations. A Biz Action Insurance Agency is ready to advise you with this important consideration. Together we can review what you require in order to establish your most effective coverage

Servicing commercial umbrella policies supports coverage involved in major law suits that typically hand down judgments in excess of $1,000,000. Your standard commercial policy with us may carry limits that will cover the first $300,000, and applied before your umbrella policy takes over the remainder. There are various arrangements that can be made between the two policies, but our service renders both valid in the event of the need for dual coverage. clients trust that A Biz Action Insurance Agency is fully involved in making certain that they receive the complete benefits of our resources regardless of the complexity or length of process.

To the advantage of our Clients, carrying both policies with ABA results in a cost savings. We can afford to be generous to our clients who have engaged our services to carry the standard Commercial Insurance policy and want to purchase a second (or third) policy with us.

It also works to their advantage when litigation is involved. With both policies held in one company, our client is served in their interests by one company that stays continually involved for the duration.

Feel free to talk with us today. You’re under no obligation and we’re ready to assist you, in any way we can, in making these important decisions.

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