General Liability

We can’t promise that a dog getting away from its owner and biting a child in your parking lot won’t happen, but we can promise to go to work for you quickly and get you a commercial general liability policy with A Rated companies, with the most compatible price and adequate coverage. More, in case of the claim we promise to represent you officially and help to settled case efficiently.

We’re ready for you to contact us when you need general liability. With one phone call, our agents are ready to speak with you and advise about all necessary coverage that you will need. We have the most niche carriers who will offer you exception coverage with good premiums.

If you are facing a claim for example: The woman that wore her highest-heeled shoes slipped and fell when she ignored the “Wet Floor” signs in front of the cleaned-up spill in your grocery store or some contracting work, especially roofing, is front-end loaded with possibilities of accidental injury. Accidents happens and our special agents that handle contractor general liability cases are aware of how important it is to handle them with serious competence, keeping your interests in mind at all times. We are ready to assist you in the most official way, ready to get it off your mind and into our hands. Count on our ability to make it go away with the least amount of hassle and the least possible settlement.

We maintain our value to you throughout and our loyalty and integrity to you in all general liability insurance processes and proceedings—we never sacrifice our professional conduct in favor of any settlement that puts you at a disadvantage. We fight to the last strength to meet your expectation in the business insurance world.

Commercial Service

Our commercial liability insurance clients stay with us because they know our service is prompt and dedicated. They can return to doing what they need to be doing—running their businesses—without worrying about “how the insurance policies are going?” “Do I pay too much?”, “Am I covered correctly?” This applies to all of our clients.

We cater to your small business, realize your budget is tight and your expenses need to align with profit margins for you to stay in business. Our general, commercial and contractor liability insurance premiums are based on a fair market value for the services we provide; we can promise they are equitable and affordable. Bottom line: you’ll find us on the reasonably priced end of the spectrum for coverage costs— well worth the value and services you receive.

General liability insurance offers a range of choices to suit your smallbusiness and the way you need to operate.

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