Professional Liability

With court dockets overcrowded by malpractice claims, our Insurance Agency agents are ready to service your professional liability insurance claim in the most efficient and cost effective manner our years of experience have prepared us to perfect.

Additionally, if you believe you require professional liability insurance in NJ, chances are you do. ABA will discuss your professional liability needs with you. However, it’s important first to know that commercial general liability coverage does not provide coverage for the following claims:

• Service errors

• Errors and Omissions

• Contract performance disputes

• Other professional liability issues

That’s why we’re here: to advise you regarding your business needs. Our general liability policies do a good job of protecting our clients, but they can only do what they were designed to accomplish. We are always concerned that our professionals can continue to pursue their practice but without the benefit of professional liability coverage, with one claim filed against you successfully you can end up severely exposed and run the risk of losing your ability to practice permanently.

You see our point—a doctor would not open a practice without professional liability coverage. Neither should you. Professional liability insurance in NJ is critical to a successful professional practice in this state.

A Biz Action Insurance Agency is dedicated agents will help you find and review the Professional Liability Policy and will make sure the coverage offered adequately cover all necessary acts and activities of the insured. In cases of the incident we will be present in a way that allows a full representation of your response to accompany defend reports.

We realize the toll it takes on our professional clients, who have invested time and money to enter a practice, to be faced with a claim that has the potential of lasting for years. Our agents will be especially careful in processing the claim in a manner that allows you to continue your practice without constant interruptions in your routine. We have experts in your field that can prepare us with basic preliminary information to permit the process to run as smoothly and quickly as possible. We will always advise you and provide updates as you direct.

Professional liability insurance in NJ is not the least cheap coverage. However, we are ready to work with you, in terms of how you’ve set up your expenses, by using a tiered cost structure that takes your area of practice into consideration so that ABA can match your policy to suit the size of your business, as well.

We serve professionals with a wide range of professional liability coverage policies, dedicated to their specific areas of practice.

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